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Sometimes the first step is the hardest, and in the world of invoice automation removing paper - mounds and mounds of paper being received by email, fax, snail mail, etc. – is that first step.

Prodagio makes removing paper easy by offering the widest selection of best-in-class e-invoicing options. With Prodagio you can find the solution, or solutions, that best fit your business (and your supplier’s) needs.

One Size Does Not Fit All, Prodagio Offers the Most Options For Removing Paper.

Capture the Paper

Are you receiving paper invoices? No worries, Prodagio offers several ways to capture and convert the paper you receive into electronic documents.

  • Scan and Advanced Capture –Prodagio provides industry leading imaging, scan, OCR, and advanced data capture options to convert all your emailed, faxed, and paper invoices to electronic form. Prodagio’s partnership with IBM allows us to provide best-in-class imaging and data extraction capabilities through Datacap. Prodagio can also integrate seamlessly with any front-end solution that your organization has already adopted and deployed; such as Captiva, IBM, Brainware, Kofax, or ReadSoft. Once the image has been captured and converted, the invoice is delivered directly into Prodagio AP to provide you with real-time visibility into your I2P processes.
  • Outsourced – Prodagio provides outsourcing services that eliminate the need to purchase scanning hardware or train scanning staff. Let Prodagio handle everything! It’s as simple as sending all the invoice to a PO box specifically assigned to you, we will prep and scan the invoices into your Prodagio AP invoice repository where further action can be taken.


e-Invoicing is a broad term with many definitions. At the end of the day, what really matters is the fact that e-Invoicing allows you to put a stop to receiving paper invoices all together. Prodagio offers several e-Invoicing options.

  • Vendor Portal - For your mid-tier suppliers who have lower transaction volume, Prodagio’s Vendor Self Serve (Prodagio VSS) offers a secured connection to complete the e-submission of an invoice. Prodagio VSS quickly and easily enables vendors to upload and submit invoices directly to your Prodagio AP system. Prodagio VSS not only removes paper, it also decreases the number of invoice status inquiries to your AP department by enabling the vendor with the ability to check the status of their invoices from the portal.
  • Supplier Network – Prodagio AP can receive invoices from supplier networks such as OB10, the leading global B2B supplier network. The OB10 network enables companies to send and receive error free, tax compliant invoices from around the globe without the need to install any additional hardware or software.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) - EDI is a solid solution for the supplier with whom you do the most transactions on a regular basis. Prodagio can receive any EDI feed and integrate that feed directly into your Prodagio AP system, where you can track invoice progress or run reports.