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The Most Complete Contract Management Solution.


Say goodbye to the risks and missed savings or revenue opportunities that go along with paper contracts, and say hello to visibility, efficiency, and compliance.

Prodagio Contract centralizes all of your company’s critical documentation into a single and easy-to-use web-based contract management solution to ensure every promise is kept, every term is met, and every revenue opportunity is captured.

Positively Impact Your Business with Prodagio Contract.

Improve Relationships with Suppliers, Vendors, and Internal Clients.

Eliminate the risk of missed obligations and failure to meet financial terms. Prodagio Contract delivers insight into your total vendor pool and all pending obligations, helping you to eliminate risks and allowing you to more effectively communicate with and manage your suppliers, vendors, and internal clients.

Never Miss a Renegotiation Opportunity.

Don’t let another renewal period go by unnoticed! This is your opportunity to research competitive offers, renegotiate terms so they better work for you, or negotiate new terms. Prodagio Contract ensures you never miss this critical point in a contract’s lifecycle, alerting you to each and every renewal or expiration date.

Visibility into ALL Documents across Your ENTIRE Enterprise.

The best decision is an informed decision. From NDAs and CDAs, employee agreements and HR documents, intellectual property documentation, service agreements, or any other contract you may have, Prodagio Contract delivers visibility into the intelligence buried within these documents so you can make the best business decisions.

Never Lose Track of a Document Again.

Remove sloppy paper and misfiled documents from your environment. Prodagio’s contract asset repository electronically stores documents in a central database according to your business rules, so the document you need is right where it’s supposed to be every time you go looking for it.

Work Smarter and More Resourcefully.

Find documents faster and work more efficiently! Powerful full text and data searches help you find documents in seconds instead of minutes, while robust standard and custom reporting allow you to track everything within or related to a contract/project. Easily update items across multiple contracts in one quick step so you can move on to other tasks and keep up productivity.

Secured Access Anytime from Anywhere.

Ensure the integrity of your contracts and documents is never compromised. Prodagio Contract’s web-based interface allows you to access your documents at anytime, from anywhere, while providing powerful security features trusted by some of the world’s leading commercial and government organizations.

Seamlessly Integrate with your Existing Systems.

Prodagio Contract seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP, CRM, procurement, or business intelligence systems without custom integration. PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, JDEdwards, and more...Prodagio Contract can centralize even the most complex contracting environments with a single user-friendly interface.

More Than Just Software.

At Prodagio, we are more than just software providers; we are cross-industry contract management specialist. We have helped thousands of users across multiple industries successfully improve and streamline their contract management processes. We understand the similarities as well as the unique differences each company faces in their contracting processes. Prodagio Contract has been designed with the flexibility, functionality, and scalability to meet the contracting needs specific to universities, movie studios/entertainment groups, government organizations, energy/hi-tech, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage distributors, and more.


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