Prodagio Contract Enterprise


Contracts are the heart of your business. Invest in them.

Do you know where your contracts are? If you’re like most people, you probably have a hard time saying “yes” to this basic question. The simple act of finding a contract, not to mention amendments and related documents, can be next to impossible. Prodagio’s Enterprise Contract Management solution gives you the answer to this question and many more. Not just a contract repository, the system enables you to control and monitor the contract request, authoring, negotiation and execution processes. It applies automation and business logic to every phase of the contract lifecycle and provides a comprehensive view of your enterprise contract portfolio.

If you have more than 25 users and need to integrate your contract management system with back-end systems like ERP, Prodagio Contract Enterprise might be right for you. Read more about it’s features and contact us for more information.

“I can’t think of an area that impacts organizations more than how they manage their contracts with suppliers. Over the past few years, contract management processes have increased in their importance and complexity within global enterprises.”

Constantine Limberakis - Aberdeen Group
Improve compliance
by 55%
Increase rebate and discount
usage by 25% - 30%
Improve contract renewal rates
by 25%