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Create Seamless Invoice Automation from Invoice Capture to Payment


Stop the headache! Your ERP system was not built to be the ultimate I2P solution. You can, however, create the ultimate I2P solution by leveraging your existing ERP with Prodagio AP’s best-in-class invoice automation capabilities.

Prodagio AP’s invoice automation capabilities allow you to create seamless invoice automation, from invoice ingestion to payment, by leveraging your existing ERP. This provides you with the visibility and efficiency required to capture every last penny of savings opportunities and revenue.


Impact Spend and Add Value with Prodagio AP’s Invoice Automation.

Enhance Your Existing ERP with Invoice Automation

Other systems require you to consolidate the automation of invoices under a single ERP system. Prodagio is able to connect to any combination of ERP systems (Prodagio AP for ERP Brochure) – Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, SAP, or homegrown solutions - to create a complete invoice-to-pay solution.

Automate Any Invoice, from Any Source

A company’s needs are different, which is why Prodagio offers several premier solutions to automate any invoice that you receive. We offer front-end scanning and advanced data extraction for organizations who receive paper. We also help companies transition to e-invoicing by supporting emailed invoice data extraction, EDI, invoice upload, PO Flip, and connecting to OB10’s industry-leading global supplier network.

Eliminate Supplier Transaction Costs

Prodagio's vendor portal (VSS) reduces the cost of business operations by allowing your vendors to submit their own invoices directly into your AP workflow where your business rules are automatically applied, eliminating manual data entry, pre-processing, and time spent answering simple status questions. Prodagio VSS shifts the ownership for submitting invoices accurately back to your vendors and empowers them with the ability to check invoice status 24-hours a day, seven days a week. 

Visibility Across Multiple Systems

Prodagio Dashboard provides real-time visibility into opportunities, giving you the ability to make the most informed and advantageous financial decisions on your financial department’s expenses and revenue contributions.

Unleash Process Efficiency

Easy to understand dashboards allow you to quickly identify bottlenecks within your processes so you can make changes the will improve efficiency. Improving process efficiency allows you take advantage of available discounts and positively impact spend.

Transform into a Profit Center

Deliver more money to your bottom line with Prodagio AP. Prodagio brings real-time visibility to your processes, allowing you to take better terms, exploit available disounts, and catch duplicate payments before they go out the door. Positively impact spend with user friendly review and spend reports, then compare your performance against benchmarks within a single user friendly interface.

Reduce Cycle Time

Prodagio AP’s Entry Channel Rules Engine insures invoices that meet your rules criteria are automatically processed, leaving only exceptions to be routed into processing queues. This zero-touch processing eliminates human errors, such as duplicate payments, while increasing the speed and overall efficiency of processing invoices. This results in reduced cycle time and a lower cost-per-transaction.

Efficient Exception Handling

Prodagio AP is the only solution on the market with Fixlet Patented Technology which provides resolution logic to eliminate exception handling. Fixlet technology identifies the error(s) on an invoice, then steps you through the resolution processes using a wizard interface. The wizard interface offers a real-world explanation of errors and suggests a fix, dramatically reducing the risk of errors and fraud.

Deployment Flexibility

Prodagio AP can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise. Either way you choose, you can still securely connect with existing systems and you will receive the same measurable benefits that only Prodagio’s invoice automation can deliver. Prodagio Cloud is the preferred choice for customers who have limited IT support, as we manage the system for you.

More than Invoice Automation

Prodagio AP is a combination of best-in-class features and best practices. Our domain expertise allows us to provide not only great technology but also sound advice in configuration, implementation and integration. When required, our implementation teams will take the time to understand your unique processes then construct a plan on how to get the greatest value from your investment. Prodagio has customers throughout the Globe utilizing our technology and we maintain resources throughout the world to ensure continuity of service and deployment.