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Featured Industry Solution:
Contract Management for Media & Entertainment
This top grossing movie studio. Media contracts cover every facet of a project and are especially complex, and it can be particularly difficult to understand employment-related costs across projects. A single actor or crewmember may be employed on multiple projects, and being able to see all financial obligations to each person was a big problem for this customer.

Prodagio’s Enterprise Contract Management solution has simplified the process of managing talent agreements, benefits packages, offer letters and other important employment contracts. The system has streamlined contract management for human resources and improved HR’s collaboration with the legal department. Reports and sophisticated data models developed especially for media contracts give the visibility into financial relationships with talent that the studio needs to better manage its business and forecast costs.
Featured Industry Solution:
Contract Management for Government
One of the largest counties in the United States with over fifty divisions creating and managing contracts. Everything was done manually and the county lacked visibility into contract costs and terms, making reporting owed by law to state and federal regulators nearly impossible. Also, inconsistencies in legal language, payment terms and contract obligations resulted in excessive spending, poor supplier performance and payment of contract penalties.

Prodagio’s contract management software has enabled this county to standardize and simplify contract language using template and clause libraries across their fifty divisions. Integrating contract management with their ERP and purchasing systems has provided the visibility needed to conform with strict oversight rules and accelerate reporting from days to minutes. Notifications on major contractual milestones are generated in the system, ensuring that contract terms are actively monitored.
Featured Industry Solution:
AP Automation for Energy
Large corporation providing electric and gas services to over three million residential, business and industrial customers and is an aggressive investor in alternative fuels and green initiatives. Before implementing Accounts Payable Automation from Prodagio, the company manually processed over 120K paper invoices across 100 dispersed entities. Further complicating the situation was the mix of the invoices – 45% PO, 30% Non-PO, 25% Payment Requests.

After implementing Prodagio’s accounts payable automation software, the customer immediately eliminated 25% of paper invoices and began enforcing business rules across divisions to achieve standardized processes. Millions of dollars were saved, resulting in an almost immediate ROI, and missed payments were completely eliminated within months. Beyond the operational efficiencies and savings, the reports and audit trails in Prodagio AP resulted in better visibility into cash requirements and which suppliers posed the biggest invoicing challenges. This enabled the customer to be more proactive in managing both internal staff and vendor relationships to generate more efficiency.

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Get best practices, advice and practical tools for product evaluation to help you improve contract processes

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